Africa Uncovered

About Africa Uncovered
Africa Uncovered is a study of the female human form in a decade where we are bombarded with unrealistic images portraying an unattainable ideal. This project aims to show women everywhere that despite current and ever changing trends, they are beautiful in their individuality.


Inspiration for the series
My inspiration came from many places but none more so than Gok Wan, Joey L and Lara Jade. When Gok appeared on our television screens, he did so with flair and true desire to help women everywhere feel good about themselves. Seeing this inspired Roy to follow in his footsteps using photography as his mode of empowerment.


Joey L and Lara Jade are New York based commercial and fashion photographers. They have very different styles but a very similar approach to photography with regards to their work ethic and desire to succeed. Both started creating images at a young age and both have inspired countless photographers the world over.