Day 1 of the trip was an early start with leaving Durban at 4:30am in a fairly warm winter, after getting to Harrysmith at 0º I established that a jersey, shorts and slops was not the best choice of outfits. Next stop after Harrysmith was Bloem, not to refuel as #ThembiTheXtrail could still do another 369km on the same tank from Durban that was averaging 6.8l / 100km, but to get a bite to eat at the wimpy. The next section to Colesberg I decided to test out the cruise control and got down to 5.8l /100km (Very impressed that a large SUV can get that fuel consumption) Another ± 2 hrs and I was in Three Sisters to spend the night.

Day 2 I decided to sleep in a bit and left Three Sisters at 6:30am and went through Beaufort West just before sunrise, the first part of the town is this nice quaint old town which gives you a little smile, but sadly further down the high street of the town it has been taken over by a shabby UN-cared for modern look (will take pics on the way back through on the way to JHB, wanted to catch the sunrise in the mountains just past the town) reached the mountains just in time for sunrise then stopped at Karoo One for a nice veg soup before hitting the road again through the Du Toits mountains and into the new Huguenot tunnel, not long and I was in Camps Bay to unpack #ThembiTheXtrail before meeting some fellow Durbanites at OBS Cafe.


Images below from my iPhone